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Save Energy

There is no need to have the outdoor lighting turned on when there is no activity. With Comlight, we see that the lights can be dimmed, or turned off completely 50-80% of the time at night. Not only are large amounts saved on the energy bill, but this can be directly linked to reduced CO2 emissions. With our simulation tools, we can provide accurate savings estimates for your use case.


Reduce Light Pollution

Everything living is set to be dark at night - and this applies not only to humans but insects, animals and plants. By disturbing ecosystems, light pollution poses a serious threat especially to nightlife, with a negative impact on plant and animal physiology. It can confuse animal migration patterns, alter competition effects between animals, alter predator-prey conditions and even cause direct physiological damage.


Improve Safety and Wellbeing

We have outdoor lighting to increase accessibility and safety on our streets, roads and outdoor areas. The safety aspect applies to both direct safety on the road, but also the experienced, subjective senso of safety in towns and cities during the night. Several studies point to the connection between lighting in public spaces and crime. With Comlight, the light is automatically dimmed when there is movement and activity.


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Up to 30 meter detection range


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