Comlight Commisioning Service

Comlight Commissioning Service sets the installed sensors in operation by programming neighbour setup, light levels, hold times, and the number of lights ahead of slow- and fast-moving traffic.


After installation, where the installer has provided a list over device serial numbers in sequence, the installation is commissioned with neighbour setup, IDs sequence numbers, and other parameters. The final step in the commissioning process is to take the system out of Service Mode and verifying that the installation is performing according to customer expectations.


The process can be performed remotely (over a gateway, requiring a Comlight Access subscription), or on-site (requiring a Comlight Radio Commissioning Dongle).


Article number Description
800-0001 Product and commissioning training per day
800-0002 Commissioning support off-site per installation
800-0004 Commissioning or support on-site per hour
800-0005 Commissioning or support on-site per day


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