Comlight Access

Comlight Access provides connectivity for the Comlight light control segment and access to services and applications within the Comlight cloud system for the selected subscription period.


Connectivity is provided through the gateway unit, which handles communication between the individual Comlight light controllers and the Comlight backend system.


The service includes API access to integrate the Comlight system with CMS software from third party providers.


Article number Description
800-0020 Comlight Access, 2 years prepaid subscription
800-0021 Comlight Access, 5 years prepaid subscription
800-0022 Comlight Access, 10 years prepaid subscription


Comlight Access is offered through 2-, 5-, and 10-year prepaid contracts. Comlight Access is not needed for local installations without gateway units.

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The Comlight LMS (Light Management System) makes it easy to commision and manage Motion Sensing Light Control installations.

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